How I built my second income online and tips to help you generate a second income too!

Blogs I Love

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Here are a variety of blogs I’ve been reading. Some I have read for years and are truly authority blogs in their niche, others are newer blogs I have been reading lately.

New and Interesting

Money Infant

Steve is living in Thailand and writes about his journey out of massive debt to financial success.

Discover Share Inspire

Rachel, Greg and their FIVE children are travelling from Alaska to Argentina. Rachel blogs about their adventures and living deliberately. The blog is definitely inspirational and motivates me to slay my student loan debt so my wife and I can start our great adventure.

Truly Epic Blogs

Smart Passive Income 

Pat’s blog is unquestionably my favorite blog on the web and I hope someday he gets to be number one in the personal finance arena. I’ve read this blog from start to finish and almost every post is an authority post. In his blog Pat chronicles his journey from being laid off to making a largely passive income based on his internet business ventures that far surpasses what his previous job used to pay him. Though Pat proves that one can make money online in areas other than teaching others to make money online, the massive success of his blog has dwarfed his income from other ventures. Anyone interested in making money online should read Pat’s blog. Pat is my idol.

Get Rich Slowly

I’ve been reading Get Rich Slowly longer than any other blog. J.D. (and  his staff writers) blog about saving money, eliminating debt, investing wisely, and building wealth…. slowly. This blog is a great place to start because it is often difficult to build your income streams while constantly worried about debt. Getting out of debt is the first step towards financial success. Once you are out of debt, this blog will help you minimize your spending and lifestyle inflation so you can become financially independent sooner.

I Will Teach You to be Rich 

Ramit picks up where J.D. leaves off. Once your debt and lifestyle are under control, use Ramit’s advice to make more money. Heck, you can even use his advice to make money and pay down the debts. Ramit is a bit snarky and isn’t going to coddle anyone, but that’s fine because only action takers are ever going to have any success in obtaining financial freedom. Ramit focuses on big wins and is slightly opposed to those who advise people to save money by not buying lattes. Ramit’s blog is also a good case study in internet marketing and split testing.